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IFAAR is an associated partner of the ArtCast4D project (see letter of commitment)

IFAAR is an associated partner of the EURESPONDER project (see letter of commitment

IFAAR is an associated partner of the WE-Mind project (see letter of commitment



In October 2006, IFAAR was appointed official service provider for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Sevilla. It was listed as an official supplier and accredited for the following fields of research:

  • Foresight on information society technologies and key applications in Europe
  • Information and communication technologies – prospective on R&D. cybersecurity and identity
  • Support to research policy (including human resources and universities): analysis and prospective
  • Economics of technical change
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Social dimension of sustainable development, including structural unemployment

(Call for expression of interest AMI J00/01/06, Publication at the Official Journal 2006/S 105-111827.)

Based on this acceptance, all European institutions and public administrations can order services and evaluations online and offline even without having to carry out further legal or competitive inquiries about IFAAR Switzerland and its above unique independent scientific services.

European Commission

Joint Research Centre JRC
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
E-41092 Seville

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