Peter Kropf

Dr. Peter Kropf has maintained a successful collaboration with Dr. Christoph Glauser from IFAA Bern for more than 10 years. The joint projects took place as part of the advanced training of students in the inter-university study programme in computer science.

After receiving his doctorate in computer science in 1991, Dr. Peter Kropf spent three years as research director of various projects in computer science and medical applications. He was then appointed as a full professor at universities in Québec and Montréal in Canada. He worked with his research groups in the field of distributed and parallel high-performance computing, software engineering, modelling and simulation. Application-oriented, he established the first university training programme in e-commerce in Canada. His research and teaching work continued from 2003 following an appointment at the University of Neuchâtel. During this period, he has led several international research projects in Neuchâtel and held various senior positions at the university (head of study programme, institute, faculty). Dr. Peter Kropf has been an emeritus professor since 2021.

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