The Institute for Applied Argumentation Research, hereinafter called IFAAR, is a cooperative society based in Bern, primarily specialising in eGovernment-, eGovernance- and Web-Research. Since 1991 the private research institute has been developing computer-based systems for digital content analysis of media, news, web content and websites. Additionally, the IFAAR conducts scientific basic research in the field of search engines, social networks, e-government, web research, website analyses and digital find-engines, seen as counterparts to search engines. Founded in 1991 by the political scientist and media researcher Dr. Christoph Glauser, the IFAAR and the research methodologies developed at the IFAAR are world-wide leading in digital content and relevance analysis.
The IFAAR does research for national and international institutions, administrations, universities, colleges of higher education, schools and NGOs. The IFAAR accompanies public campaigns and offers basic research and evaluation in the fields of eGovernment and eGovernance to public administrations. IFAAR is eligible for SNSF projects, as it's a non-commercial research institution outside the higher education sector as defined in the RIPA. The institute works with higly aggregated and fully anonymous data. 
The IFAA is committed to gender equality in all areas. This commitment is set out in the Equality Plan.
Cooperative Association

Institute for Applied Argumentation Research
Cooperative Association
Marktgasse 55
CH - 3011 Berne

Phone +41 31 351 02 20
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Enterprise ID:  CHE-101.855.453 MWST



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