Trump’s Corona: Highest search volume - Swiss computer scientists measure more than 100 million searches for Donald Trump

The worldwide media echo on Donald Trump’s Tweet of October 2nd has boosted his campaign in the US like never seen before. A group of Swiss computer-, big data- and political scientists are analyzing the public online campaign on all US search and social media channels again, similar to 2016. The real time measures of the searches of 247 million active users on all US online channels show, that the announcement of Donald Trump being infected by the Corona virus had an all-time high impact, also on his digital campaign: 100’559’000 on average monthly search volume on all US channels, whereas Joe Biden only made it up to 26’594’000.

The almost real time figures of the whole campaign show, that this year’s US elections are basically a referendum for or against Donald Trump and that the Biden campaign didn’t even come close to Hillary Clinton’s search volume of 2016!  “The presence on the Internet and the active involvement of users is extremely important, if one wants to win an election in the US”, says Christoph Glauser, one of the election experts and Swiss political- and digital data scientist. 

Read more: media information of October 12th 2020 


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