UMUSE2: Why Trump can win the election - Swiss computer scientists have analysed the US Presidential election-campaign again

In the 2016 election campaign the prognosis and all digital channels betted on Hillary Clinton to win.  A group of Swiss computer scientists, analysing the public campaign on all US search and social media channels in September 2016 already claimed that Donald Trump was going to win.  In 2020 they show again, with new computer-based monitorings of the user behaviour in the US, that Donald Trump’s campaign is leading digitally with a five times bigger search volume than Joe Biden’s!  The analysis of the candidates tweets shows that Trump uses rather strong emotions like “fear” and “anger” whereas Biden’s tweets insist on moral values and critizise the actions of the Trump administration during the pandemic. On both campaign websites, Trump also “beats” Biden by communicating 6% closer to the interest of American citizens online.

Search volume analysis

Thanks to a new innovative technology, the project UMUSE2* identifies the number of search requests sent in the US to all search engines, social media and e-shops, with the names of the two candidates, namely “Donald Trump” and “Joe Biden”, but also with all the topics high on search.  Based on these numbers, Donald Trump has a significant lead over his rival. During the first two weeks in August 2020, Joe Biden's popularity has seen a short surge with the announcement of running mate Kamala Harris while the popularity of Donald Trump is decreasing only slowly since the beginning of June.  Big data shows that Internet users on all US channels are still significantly more interested in Trump than in his opponent, the democrat Biden...

Read more: media information of September 10th 2020


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